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Khara Bun Congress KBC

Do you know which bakery is the father of all bakeries in Bengaluru? VB Bakery in V.V.Puram? I think it should be.

The full name is “Visveswarapuram Brahmin Bakery” shortened to VB Bakery. The owner, K Thirumalachar who hailed from Hassan, started this bakery in 1953. 

VB Bakery V.V.Puram

VB Bakery

It’s been more than 60 years now and the bakery has maintained the same taste and quality to date. They have preserved the recipe and passed on from generation to generation. 

As you enter the bakery premises, you get to see the full list of the menu on the left-hand side. I am not sure if all the items are available. However, they make available their signature dishes every day.

Here’s my favorite: 

Bun Butter Jam

Bun Butter Jam

It’s just bun butter and jam. A special bun cut into half with a generous spread of butter and jam. You get this simple preparation in almost all the bakeries but the one at VB Bakery is simply delicious. 

Khara Bun Congress (KBC)

Khara Bun Congress KBC

When you go to VB Bakery in V.V.Puram, Bengaluru, don’t miss the Khara Bun Congress (KBC). It’s a flavored bun cut in half, buttered, and filled with lots of split peanuts. Take a bite and the butter will tease your tongue while you chew the congress. Congress is the peanuts inside the bun.

Is there any food with the name of other parties? 

Weekend Specials at VB Bakery

Two dishes – Avarekalu Mix Vegetable Puffs and Special Dumrot are the weekend specials at V B Bakery. Fortunately, I was here on a weekend and packed both of them home. 

Avarekalu Mix Vegetable Puffs

Avarekalu Puffs

Have the Avarekalu Mix Vegetable Puffs when it is hot or heat it in the oven before you consume it. It’s a weekend specialty of Bakery and I don’t know if any bakery prepares this. 

Special Dumroot

Special Dumroot

This special dumroot is a sweet prepared using ‘ash gourd’ as the main ingredient. If you are one with the sweet tooth, I bet you will buy one more serving. I loved the cashews spread unevenly.

Where is VB Bakery? 

The VB Bakery is in V.V.Puram in Bengaluru. It is super easy to reach this iconic bakery using Google maps. Head to Sajjan Rao Circle and from there walk towards Food Street. It is right there.

All the photos are from the lens of the Vivo V20 smartphone. Do you know similar bakeries? The best bakery in Bangalore? Comment below or connect to me via Instagram. 

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