My Resources

Hey Guys, this is Kumar Saravana, the blogger here. 

If you are curious to know how I capture the photographs, here are the details. 

Vivo V20 (Apr-21 to current)

The Vivo V20 captures really good photos. I use this smartphone for all kinds of travel and food photos. 

iPhone SE 2020 (Nov-20 to current)

The iPhone SE 2020 is my favorite phone, I use it for calls and voice recording. I do voice recording while taking notes on the go. The playback is really great. 

Canon 200D Mark II (Aug-20 to current)

I carry Canon 200D Mark II for projects that require semi-professional grade photographs and videos. 


I depend on Grammarly to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Sony A5100 (Stopped using)

The Sony A5100 is the best compact DSLR camera but it had lots of technical issues with respect to lens connecting to the body. The lens is too expensive to replace.