Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

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Neer Dosa - Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

If you are in Kammanahalli (Bengaluru East) and a fan of coastal foods, here’s Tarayi Coastal Cuisine for you.

It is a small family-run restaurant with just three tables located in a residential area. You can reach out to this restaurant with the help of Google Map.

Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

Tarayi Coastal Cuisine
Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

I’m a big fan of coastal foods, especially Mangalorean and Kerala cuisine and this restaurant offers a blend of both. Thanks to Food Lover’s TV for this information.

After watching the episode, I realized that Tarayi Coastal Cuisine is not far away from where I live. I skipped my breakfast at home and rushed to this restaurant only to find all three tables occupied.

The owner acknowledged the influx of guests from the day the video was published on the Food Lover’s YouTube channel. You should watch the episode and I bet you will start feeling hungry. I have given the link at the end of this post.

All three tables were full with one or two guests on each table. Table sharing is common in cities like Bengaluru (especially in small restaurants). I grabbed the seat at one of the tables with one guest already seated.

I ordered for Neer Dosa and Mutton Keema Balls Gravy

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa - Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

I had fixed my mind for the Neer Dosa that goes well with almost all types of gravy. They serve 4 Neer Dosa per plat and a plat cost Rs. 40/- here. That’s a reasonable price for an authentic dish.

Mutton Keema Balls Curry

Mutton Keema Balls- Neer Dosa - Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

I had to settle for Mutton Keema Balls curry because all the other dishes were under preparation. I was here for breakfast and I suppose major dishes are available for lunch.

Well, the Neer Dosa and Mutton Keema Balls Gravy combination were great. It took just a few minutes for all four dosa’s to slide in along with the keema balls curry.

Best time to visit

Lunch hours are when you get to taste all the dishes. If you come here at the right time, you get to taste Mangalore-style fish curry, chicken curry, and even chicken and mutton biryanis.

Do not forget to try the Prawns Ghee Roast. I missed it though but I am going to visit again to try this one.

The Tarayi Coastal Cuisine also serves Chicken Biryani every day and Mutton Biryani on Sundays. I have not tasted the Biryani’s yet and I suppose they might not be of coastal style.

Do visit this restaurant and let me know your take about the food here. Please do comment and connect with BangaloreLocale.com. There’s more coming with the tag – Restaurants in Kammanahalli. If you are new to Bengaluru, then you should explore Bengaluru like a native.

This is the first food-related post from Bengaluru and I hope you liked it.

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