Sri Udupi Food Hub Kammanahalli for Best Breakfast Combo

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Sri Udupi Food Hub Kammanahalli

The Karnataka government announced the extension of lockdown for another two weeks and it is more intense now. People can come out of their house to buy essentials from 6 am to 10 am only. Thankfully, the authorities have allowed the restaurants to open all day for takeaway orders. As per the mandate, Sri Udupi Food Hub (Kammanahalli) on Nehru road is open for takeaway orders. 

Sri Udupi Food Hub Kammanahalli

Sri Udupi Food Hub Kammanahalli
Sri Udupi Food Hub Kammanahalli

Shree Udupi Food Hub has a chain of restaurants present in Jayanagar, Indiranagar, and Kammanahalli, all in Bengaluru. (Source: They are a multi-cuisine restaurant specializing in South Indian dishes. 

Lockdown Orders

The restaurant maintained a limited menu for the takeaway orders. We decided to buy breakfast for two and our orders were: 

  1. Set Dosa 
  2. Combo Breakfast

Due to the time restrictions, there was an unusual crowd on Nehru road. A wine store had customers lined up for half a kilometer. Fortunately, the customers to the restaurant maintained a safe distance. 

Food Experience 

The combo breakfast is what grabbed my attention. For Rs. 70, I wonder how they managed to pack in the below items. 

Combo Breakfast
Combo Breakfast at Udupi Food hub

Sri Udupi Food Hub Combo Breakfast 

  1. Mini Masala Dosa 
  2. Idly 
  3. Vada
  4. Karabath (Upma) 
  5. Kesari Bath

It is a great deal, isn’t it?

When it comes to tastes, I felt no difference and they are the best in the neighborhood. You can order all these items separately but if you want to taste all of them, go for the combo breakfast.

The Masala Dosa was delicious, never mind its size. The idly sambar and chutney was a great combination, I liked it. The vada could have been a little crispier. The Karabath was perfect and the Kesari Bath was good with mild sweetness and a tinge of pineapple. 

Set Dosa 

Since we packed the Set Dosa home, it had become slightly harder. It is better when you eat it there so let’s plan post lockdown. 

Banquet Hall at Udupi Food Hub

This property has a furnished banquet hall that can accommodate up to 250 people seated and more when floating. I happened to read some reviews and the customers were happy with the venue, price, service and of course the food. 

They don’t allow outside food, you got to order from the restaurant. The food prices start from Rs. 300 and when you pay for the food, the hall is free. 

Car parking is going to be a bit of an issue but you can manage. There’s ample space for two-wheeler parking in front of Sri Udupi Food Hub, Kammanahalli. 

Customer Reviews

Raghuraman R who are written 55 Google reviews says the food was excellent and the staff was cordial.

Balakrishnan Iyer who has written 48 Google reviews says “the crown is the quality of the food – both south and north Indian. Service is excellent and the quality of the food is good. 

Restaurants in Kammanahalli & Nehru Road

That’s about the Udupi Food Hub in Nehru road. There are more restaurants in this neighborhood and I have covered most of them. You may wish to read “restaurants in Kammanahalli” and “Nehru road.” 

Come out if only necessary

During the lockdown, you cannot travel to Bengaluru so be at home and be safe. Go out only if it is necessary. Post lockdown, here are some places to visit in Bangalore. 

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