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Kshatriya Kabab

It’s a lockdown in Bengaluru and as per the government mandate, the “Donne Biriyani Mane” at Banaswadi is open for online orders. I read some online reviews and decided to order “DBM Chicken Combo.” 

Donne Biriyani Mane Chicken Combo 

Donne Biriyani Mane
Combo Chicken from Donne Biriyani Mane

DBM Chicken Combo (DMB stands for Donne Biriyani Mane) 

Why order online?

The government has ordered lockdown due to pandemics and it is always safe to be home. I appeal to all my readers to go out only if it is necessary and wear a mask. 

Order through Swiggy

Donne Biriyani Mane (Banaswadi) is listed in Swiggy and I guess the combo offer is exclusive for the Swiggy app. I did get a good discount on the order. 

Arrived in Time 

The food delivery was quicker than I anticipated. Full marks on this. 

DBM Chicken Combo

Kshatriya Kabab
Chicken Peppery Fry & Kshatriya Kabab

It is no ordinary combo, it’s a mega combo. Check out the items that came with the DBM Chicken Combo for Rs. 309/- after all discounts and taxes.

  1. Chicken Donne Biryani
  2. Chicken Pepper Fry 
  3. Chicken Kshatriya Kabab
  4. A Boiled Egg 

Chicken Donne Biryani

The “Donne Biryani” is a popular dish in Bengaluru. It is prepared with chicken or mutton and loads of herbs and spices.

Our meal arrived in a plastic container. If you want it in Donne (plantain leaf cup) then you should visit the restaurant. Go there once the lockdown is relaxed.

I loved the aroma of the Biryani and liked the taste as well. The chicken pieces on the biriyani were tender, soft, and tasted a bit salty. 

Chicken Kshatriya Kabab & Pepper Fry

A lot of herbs and spices go into the making of Kshatriya Chicken Kabab. I assume this is prepared similarly. It tasted different than the regular chicken kabab and it was nice. The chicken pepper fry was shallow fried and was good too. 


The DBM Chicken Combo is a lot of chicken and one portion of rice. I counted at least 10 pieces of chicken when I opened the pack and that was too much for me. Fortunately, I had a partner to share the food with.

If you feel the combo is excess to you then consider ordering only the chicken biryani. 

My View

I liked the Donne Biryani and all types of chicken that came with the combo. 

Not to forget the “jeera flavored” soft drink worth Rs. 10 that was also part of a combo meal. 

The only disappointment was the gravy and the onion raitha which was thin as water. 

Overall we enjoyed the meal from Donne Biryani Mane (Banaswadi). You can order once to try and order again if you like. 

If you want to explore other restaurants in the locality, then follow this link – Restaurants in Kammanahalli and Nehru Road.  

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