Brindavan Upachar Kammanahalli Main Road – Roti Curry & Rice

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Brindavan Upachar

Brindavan Upachar is a small restaurant established recently in the Kammanahalli Main Road, Bengaluru. As per the government mandate, this restaurant is open for takeaway orders only. 

Brindavan Upachar

Brindavan Upachar

Brindavan Upachar is relatively a new restaurant. I could not find them listed in Swiggy or Zomato at the time of writing this post. 

I assume this restaurant in Kammanahalli main road caters to south Indian and north Indian cuisine. I could not get hold of their menu card while ordering the “Roti curry.” 

Here’s this beautiful photo of roti curry that I captured with Vivo V20. Check out the items.

Roti Curry
Roti Curry
  1. Rotis (2 nos.)
  2. Curry (soya chunks)
  3. Dal 
  4. White Rice 
  5. Rasam
  6. Salad

You might wonder what is rice and rasam doing on the platter?

Even I was surprised when I unpacked the parcel. Was it a mistake?

I don’t know whether it is complimentary for the day or regular items served with the roti curry. I will try to visit Brindavan Upachar to check and explore other dishes post lockdown. (will update here)

One thing is for sure, none of the restaurants in Kammanahalli of this size can pack all these items for Rs. 55/-

How was Roti Curry & Rice?

I only write about good food. The roti curry and rasam rice was the best thing at this price point. 

The roti was slightly chewy and that is how the tandoori roti will be when you pack it home. The best part was the curry prepared with Soya chunks which is my favorite. I liked the dal too. The rasam rice was good and I am not exaggerating.  

If you are anywhere on Kammanahalli main road and want to try roti curry with a bit of rice and rasam, lookout for Brindavan Upachar.

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