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Srinidhi Restaurant Menu

Srinidhi Veg Food Court, as the name indicates, is a vegetarian restaurant serving South Indian, North Indian, and some Chinese dishes. It’s a spacious restaurant with comfortable seating arrangements perfect for family dining.

Srinidhi Veg Food Court

Srinidhi Veg Food Court

This restaurant in Kalyan Nagar gives no service to the table and they follow the self-service system. This food joint has Google reviews with 4-star ratings. 

Take Away Orders Only

It’s a lockdown in Bengaluru and as per the government orders, the Srinidhi Veg Food Court is open for takeaway orders only. The residents can order through Zomato and Swiggy. 

Our orders for the day were: 

South Indian Breakfast Collage

Masala Dosa (Rs. 50/-)

A typical Masala Dosa with mashed potato inside, white chutney, and sambar as an accomplishment. 

Rava Masala Dosa (Rs. 70/-)

The Rava Masala Dosa tastes better than it looks in the photo. Blame me for the photograph, I captured it with my Vivo V20 smartphone. This is my favorite at this restaurant.  

Poori Sagoo (Rs. 50/-)

I don’t recommend Poori Sagoo to anybody here. It isn’t good.

Vada (Rs. 30/-)

The Vada looks awesome. Dip this thing into the sambar you will go short of that sweet liquid very soon.

Curd Vada (Rs. 40)

The curd vada was bitter and went waste. I wouldn’t suggest this one. 


Whether the food is good and not good in a restaurant really depends upon the kitchen staff and time. Maintaining consistency in a restaurant business can be a difficult task but not impossible. The food that was not good today can be better some other day. 

There are more than five thousand Google reviews about Srinidhi Veg Food Court restaurant in Kalyan Nagar. The recent reviews are positive about the quality, quantity, price, and ambiance. That said, some reviews highlighted the restaurant not being consistent in the taste. 

Whiteboard with the menu list for takeaway order and a Swiggy person waiting for his order.

Srinidhi Restaurant Menu

You may visit this restaurant to experience South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine. There was a special mention about Handi Biriyani which I plan to try here soon. 

You will find this restaurant on the 7th main road, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru. 

During the lockdown, please stay at home and come out only if it is necessary. Wear the mask, carry hand sanitizer, and be safe.

You may suggest me a restaurant in Kalyan Nagar or anywhere in Bengaluru. Please comment below or connect to me through Instagram and Twitter. If you are new to the city, here is the list of places to visit in Bangalore.