Beijing Bites Fraser Town Quick Review May 2021

The Beijing Bites at Fraser Town have a mixed review, all positive in Google and most negative on Zomato. One of the google reviews has all praise for this restaurant, positive about ambience, food, quality, quantity and service. However, during the lockdown, there is no question of dining at the restaurants and so we ordered through an online app.

Noodles from Beijing Bites Fraser Town

Beijing Bites Fraser Town Noodles

Our orders for the day were:

Chicken Butter Garlic Noodles–Rs. 205/-

Chicken Butter Garlic Noodles
Chicken Butter Garlic Noodles

The Chicken Butter Garlic Noodles from Beijing Bites (Fraser Town) is the best noodles I have ever had, at least till date. Look at the photo, the noodles look so neat and the packing is too good. It looks so authentic. The chicken chunks were just adequate, and the vegetables were semi cooked. I liked this and would love to order from here one more time.

Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce–Rs. 375/-

Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce
Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce

You can have the noodles with a plain tomato ketchup but the real fun is with the hot garlic sauce. The Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce is expensive than the chicken noodles. If you don’t want prawns, you can try making hot garlic sauce at home and that will save a lot of money. If you love prawns, this one is too good.

One Prawn Escaped

They coated the prawns with the cornflour and oil fried before dipping it into the hot garlic sauce. I guess one prawn escaped from inside the coating and that piece sneaked into our box. We got short of one prawn! 

Chicken Manchurian – Rs. 320/-

Chicken Manchurian
Chicken Manchurian

The cook flavoured the Chicken Manchurian with a generous amount of soya sauce. It was not bad but there was no “wow” factor in it. If you don’t like soya flavour, don’t order this.  


I will give full marks to the quality of food, especially the packing. The food cost is expensive, and that is what the reviewers on Zomato and Google are echoing.

Fraser Town in Bengaluru is a place for great food. There are a lot of restaurants of all sizes that caters different cuisines such as South Indian, North Indian, Coastal, Chinese, Mughlai and I wish to try them all. Follow the tag “restaurants in Fraser Town” for more restaurant options in this locality. 

Would you like to suggest a restaurant in Bengaluru or nearby cities? Comment below or connect to me in Instagram or Twitter. Let’s exchange ideas. If you are new to city, here’s the list of places to visit in Bengaluru

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