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Curd Vada

The Nehru road in Bengaluru has a decent number of restaurants, big and small that are pocket-friendly. One of them is the Sannidhi Grand, a small family restaurant that serves vegetarian food at an affordable price. Their menu consists of items listed under south Indian, north Indian, and Chinese cuisine. 

Sannidhi Grand

Sannidhi Grand

At this location, the Sannidhi Grand is the best for the south Indian breakfast. You can try your meal in this restaurant if you happen to be anywhere in Kacharakanahalli or Kammanahalli. During the normal days, the Sannidhi Grand attracts a decent crowd including online orders through Swiggy and Zomato. 

It’s a lockdown

The current lockdown requires people not to venture out of the house after 10 am. However, the government has allowed restaurants to open all day to cater to online orders. And I am on a mission to explore restaurants that are close by to my residence. 

Sannidhi Grand First Look

As I mentioned earlier, the Sannidhi Grand is a small restaurant on Nehru road. Though small, it has a place for customers to sit and eat. However, there is no service to the table. You have to buy the token from the cash counter and get your meal from the food counter. You will spend at least 5-10 minutes in this process.  

The staff at the food counter will be too busy and so you will have to struggle a bit to get their attention. 

The food prices are normal and are similar to restaurants of the same size.

If you are not carrying cash, you can make payment using a card or UPI. 

Masala Dosa at Sannidhi Grand

Masala Dosa at Sannidhi Grand

It’s a typical Masala Dosa with crispness, softness, and texture. And not to forget the sweetish sambar and the coconut chutney, a perfect combination. 

Poori Sagoo

Poori Sagoo

The Poori Sagoo tastes better when you eat it at the restaurant. 

Curd Vada

Curd Vada

Curd vada is what I like the most here. I love the slightly sweetish curd, the soft vada, and the spicy kara boondi on it. A great combination. 

When the lockdown is relaxed and if you consider having a meal here, do so. There’s ample space for two-wheeler parking but you may have to struggle a bit to get the space for your car. 

Sannidhi Grand at Nehru road opens at 7 am. 

Restaurants for Online Orders

It’s good the State government has allowed the restaurants to open for takeaway orders. This decision has helped most of us if not all. I am happy that the staff will get a salary and they can take care of their families in these trying times. 


There are many restaurants on Nehru road with loads of options. They are all worth a visit and I wish to try them all. My next post will be about the Thalasseri restaurant that’s next to Sannidhi Grand.  

If you want to try a different restaurant in the surroundings, then you might be interested in “Tarayi Coastal Cuisine” and “Sukh Sagar Kammanahalli.” Go to Tarayi if you like coastal foods. It’s a small family-run restaurant that serves non-vegetarian food. Sukh Sagar at Kammanahalli main road is a vegetarian restaurant good for south & north Indian and Chinese cuisine. 

I am on a mission to explore “famous restaurants in Bengaluru.” Do follow the link and suggest if you know any iconic restaurants. Please comment below.  Are you new to Bengaluru? Here are some interesting places to visit in this beautiful city. I might visit Sannidhi Grand again to try a different dish and let you know if anything interesting. Meanwhile, connect to me on Instagram and Twitter, and let’s exchange ideas.