Sri Raghavendra Stores for Tasty Idly & Shavigebath

Raghavendra Stores

Sri Raghavendra Stores has completed 43 years of dishing out delicious foods at an affordable price while maintaining quality and quantity. But it’s a tiny eatery that serves a limited menu. There’s no table or chair available for comfort dining. You have to buy tokens first then get the food from the counter.

CTR Malleshwaram –Crispy, Soft & Tasty Masala Dosa

CTR Malleshwaram

Everybody who reviewed the Benne Masala Dosa at the Shri Sagar – CTR restaurant was right. I experienced it first hand and the CTR Masala Dosa was indeed crisply, soft and tasty. The mashed potato (palya), the chutneys, and the dosa made a great combination.

Brahmins Coffee Bar – Locations, Menu, Price & Timings

Brahmins Coffee Bar

Brahmins Coffee Bar is one of the oldest and popular restaurant in Bengaluru. The customers go crazy for its Idly Vada and coconut chutney. Try this restaurant for the authentic South Indian breakfast. Read this post for location, menu, price and timings.