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Cubbon Park Aquarium

The Cubbon Park Aquarium is a Government Aquarium that houses exotic fishes. A perfect place for a day out with your family and friends. The children will love to explore colorful fishes that are exotic and ornamental.

The Aquarium is located at the entrance of Cubbon Park. You can park your vehicle at Government Museum and take a walk towards Aquarium from inside Cubbon Park.

The Cubbon Park Aquarium is the second-largest in India

The Government Aquarium in Bengaluru is the second-largest Aquarium in India. The first is Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai. The total area of the Bangalore Aquarium is 2700 sq.m. and the built-up area is 850 sq.m making it the second largest.

Bangalore Aquarium Image Gallery

Operated by Department of Fisheries

Department of Fisheries (Karnataka State Government) operates this Aquarium. Its office is at the ground floor while the Aquariums are on the first and second floor of the building.

Government Aquarium Exists Since 1972

The octagonal shape, 3 storied Aquarium building, came into existence in 1972, but it was opened to the public on Aug 27, 1983.

Freshwater Fish Aquarium

The Cubbon Park Aquarium is the freshwater fish Aquarium. The first floor has 14 big tanks, and the second floor has a smaller tank in two rows.

Bangalore Aquarium Video’s (Shorts)

First Floor

YouTube Shorts captured at the first floor of the Aquarium

Second Floor

YouTube Shorts captured at the second floor of the Aquarium

When to visit Cubbon Park Aquarium

You can explore the Aquarium all days of the year except on Mondays, second and fourth Tuesdays, and all Government holidays.

However, the Aquarium is open to visitors during Republic Day, Indian Independence Day, and Karnataka Rajyotsava day. (and closed next day)


10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Entry Fee

  • The entry fee is Rs. 10 per head
  • For school children, the ticket price will be Rs. 5 (should visit from school)
  • Entry is “Free” for children below 5 years.


The Cubbon Park Aquarium is located at Kasturba Road, Shanthala Nagar, Bengaluru – 560001

Places to see near Cubbon Park Aquarium

Once you are done exploring the Aquarium, you can take a walk inside Cubbon Park to explore other heritage buildings mentioned below. You can also consider visiting “UB City.” The children’s park at Cubbon park is not yet open.

Here’s is the list of places to explore:

There is a lot to do in Cubbon Park. Follow this tag for more ideas.

Restaurants near Cubbon Park Aquarium

You can buy water, snacks, fruits, and beverages from the makeshift shops located inside Cubbon Park. Below is the list of nearby restaurants.

  1. McDonald’s – Kasturba Road
  2. High Court Canteen
  3. Visvesvaraya Museum Canteen (4th Floor)
  4. Restaurants at UB City  

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