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Giselle Resto Cafe

Giselle Resto Cafe Kammanahalli was a fantastic experience for us. We fell in love with the ambiance and interior decorations. The food was excellent, and the service was good. This Resto Café is the place to be with your bestie.

Giselle Resto Cafe Experience

After exploring almost all the restaurants at Kammanahalli, I stumbled upon Giselle Resto Cafe at Kacharakanahalli. This café is about 4 years old and is very close to Nehru road and the Kammanahalli neighborhood.

The Giselle Resto Cafe is a Continental cuisine restaurant, and it’s all about burgers, pizza, and pasta. I decided to explore this Resto Café with my children. I know they will enjoy this cuisine more than I.

Giselle Resto Cafe Experience

Thanks to Google maps, I traced the Giselle Resto Café tucked inside the Kacharakanahalli residential area. I am not sure if parking will be an easy task when the Giselle cafe is crowded. Fortunately, I was able to park my car right in front of the café.

Giselle Resto Cafe Indoor
Giselle Resto Cafe Indoor

The main door led to the large dining hall with beautifully decorated wall arts, photos of musicians, fancy lights, wooden tables, chairs, and sofa sets. When you order food, you get enough time to observe every detail of the dining hall.

Whether you are going alone or with a large group, you can choose the tables according to your group size. You can also opt for outdoor seating to spend that precious time with your loved ones.

Outdoor Seating Resto Cafe
Outdoor seating

Giselle Resto Cafe for feel good moment

Every table at Giselle Resto Café has plants, and you will find more outdoors. It makes one feel good and relieves stress. This is what I liked the most apart from food and other things.

It’s all about music

I saw a band setup with a big Giselle Resto Cafe logo giving the impression that the café is all about music and fun. And it is. If not live, they play the best music all the while you are there.

The Giselle Resto Cafe has enough space to accommodate at least 80 guests at a time. Yet, it doesn’t appear congested.

Our Order

  • Wings of Fury with BBQ sauce (Chicken)
  • Garlic Bread with cheese
  • Chicken Steak Sizzler
  • Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (Thin Crust)

Wings of Fury

Chicken Wings of Furry
Chicken Wings of Furry

The “wings of fury” is a crispy chicken wing with barbeque sauce generously spread on it. It gave a ketchup flavor. I would have enjoyed it more if it was a bit spicy.

Garlic Bread with Cheese

Garlic Bread with cheese
Garlic Bread with cheese

Freshly baked garlic bread looked similar to that of Dominoes in shape and size. It was fun to eat, and it is worth a try. I would order it again if I revisited the resto café.

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Thin Crust

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Thin Crust
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Thin Crust

We were tired of eating pizzas from Dominos and Pizza Hut, and it was time for a change. The Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, baked in a wood-fired oven, was no less when compared with other pizza joints. The thin crust pizza was loaded with cheese, chicken, and pineapple was a real treat.

Chicken Steak Sizzler

Chicken Steak Sizzler
Chicken Steak Sizzler

The chicken steak sizzler consisted of chicken breast pieces topped with garlic sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes, garlic bread, carrot, baby corn, beans, flavored rice, and cabbage at the base.

I enjoyed the chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies but missed broccoli and mushroom, it would have been a great addition. The choice of flavored rice could have been better.

One portion of the chicken steak sizzler should satiate your hunger. We visited Giselle Resto Café in a group and ordered four items. We were able to share and try all of them.

Giselle Resto Café is to enjoy the moment

Well, the Giselle Resto Café is not a place if you are in a hurry. This is the place to enjoy your time in a beautiful ambiance and light music. All the food is freshly baked, and so it takes time to come to your table.

We visited the restaurant during the weekday for lunch and witnessed less crowd. After talking to the management, I learned that the Giselle Resto Café is crowded during the weekend.

The staff was polite and friendly and spoke only when spoken. If you want to know more about the restaurant or the food, the management and the chef will be happy to answer.

Let’s conclude

If you are anywhere in east Bengaluru, Kammanahalli, or Kacharakanahalli, I would recommend Giselle Resto Café. This is the place to try English breakfast, Italian and Mexican cuisine, and some mocktails. This Resto Café serves pork and beef too, but we settled for chicken dishes.

Note: During Christmas, you have to book the table in advance.

Budget Required: Rs. 600 for two

BL Star: I give 3/5 for the ambiance, food, and service. I will revisit Giselle Resto Café to try other specialties.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Some FAQs

Does Giselle Resto Café serve alcohol?

No, they don’t serve alcohol

Does this resto café offer live music

No live music. Only recorded music.

Is this restaurant suitable for families, children, and couples?

Yes, Giselle Resto Café is suitable for all.

I hope you were able to make an appropriate decision after reading this post. Please follow the tag “Restaurants in Kammanahalli” for restaurant options nearby. is about travel and food in and around Bengaluru. Please comment below or connect via contact if you want to suggest a place or a food joint.

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