Biryani Paradise Nagawara Special Chicken Biryani Review

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Biryani Paradise Nagawara

The Special Chicken Biryani at Biryani Paradise at Nagawara (Bengaluru) is the best I had.

Biryani Paradise Special Chicken Biryani

Biryani Paradise Nagawara
Biryani Paradise Nagawara

The lockdown is still effective in Bengaluru but the restaurants are open for takeaway orders. I have not visited the Biryani Paradise restaurant yet and thanks to Zomato for showing it on the top. 

We ordered Special Chicken Biryani (295/-) and Chicken Lollipop (210/- for 6 pcs). The Zomato rep delivered the food well before the promised time and I appreciate that. The food packing was in a fully sealed container and was great. 

The special chicken biryani was the best I had during the lockdown and I am not exaggerating it. This is not a sponsored post you know. The Biryani Paradise had listed more than one variety of chicken biryani on their menu. I wanted to find out if all the varieties were good and so placed a second order. This time, it was chicken dum biryani. Both had a distinct taste and I loved the special chicken biryani much.

Special Chicken Biryani

Special Chicken Biryani
Special Chicken Biryani

What’s special in the special chicken biryani? It’s the chicken tikka pieces in the biryani (instead of a regular big chunk of leg piece). It was superbly cooked, boneless, and was soft like paneer. For a moment I thought it was paneer. 

The biryani rice was not dry like the dum biryani I ordered the second time. In fact, I will not recommend the chicken dum biryani to my readers. The special chicken biryani is awesome and you got to try it once. 

Chicken Lollipop 

Chicken Lollipop
Chicken Lollipop

The chicken lollipop was above average in taste and quality. It’s basically oil-fried kabab-flavored chicken. 


The internet has not much information about the Biryani Paradise restaurant in Nagawara. So I cannot comment about the restaurant ambiance, whether it is family-friendly or not. 


Parking is the biggest issue in cities like Bengaluru. Customers are fortunate if they get a space for their car. I hope there’s a safe space for cars surrounding the restaurant. 

I may visit the property once the lockdown is relaxed in Bengaluru. Do revisit this post for the update. 

Biryani Paradise Zomato Reviews 

Most of the Zomato customers swear by the chicken dum biryani and there’s no mention of the biryani I ordered. Some feedback says the price was worth it and I feel the same. So choose your favorite and go for it.

Finally, this post opens the tag “Best Biryani in Bangalore.” Do bookmark/follow the tag because I am going to explore some famous restaurants in Bengaluru. 

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