Barbeque Nation – Biryani’s & Kabab Box (Mutton)

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Barbeque Nation Desserts in a box

Barbeque Nation “Barbeque in a box” is a killer when it comes to the price vs quantity. Our order “Biryani & Kabab Box (Mutton) cost us Rs. 849/- and it is absolutely worth it.

Barbeque Nation Barbeque in a Box

Barbeque in a box
BBQ Nation’s Barbeque in a Box

So let’s compare the price with other restaurants in the locality. I have the chicken biryani price from the following restaurants in Kammanahalli (Bengaluru). 

  • Rahhams Rs. 290 x 3 = Rs. 870/- 
  • Bucket Biryani Rs. 260 x 3 = Rs. 780/-
  • Empire Restaurant Rs. 240 x 3 = Rs. 720/- 

For the price of three chicken biryani’s at Rahhams, the Barbeque Nation packs three Mutton Biryanis along with chicken kebabs and desserts.

Here’s the list of items that we unpacked from the Biryanis and Kabab Box. 

  1. Mutton Biryani – 3 Nos. 
  2. Starters – 3 Nos. (Chicken Kabab, Tandoori Wings & Chicken Tikka)
  3. Desserts – 3 Nos. (Gulab Jamun, Payasam, Chocolate Brownie)
  4. Dips and Salad

Barbeque Nation requires no introduction. If you are living in tier 1 or 2 cities in India, you are likely to find a Barbeque Nation outlet. Browse your Swiggy or Zomato App, or get the list of outlets from their website.

Packing Quality

BBQ in a Box
BBQ in a Box

You will appreciate the way BBQ Nation packs the food, especially the Biryani and Kabab Box. I have never come across a restaurant that gives so much importance to packing as the Barbeque Nation. The image of the box is evident that a lot of intelligence has gone into the designing of the box. 

Quantity & Variety 

If you are a group of 3-4 people, the BBQ Nations’ Mutton Biryani and Kabab Box should be more than sufficient. The box contains 3 mutton biryani that will be good for three people. However, the Kabab’s and Dessert’s in the box will give you an option to accommodate one more person for the party. 

Barbeque Nation Mutton Biryani

Barbeque Nation Mutton Biryani
Mutton Biryani

The mutton biryani is prepared out of long grain rice (Basmati)  and it was, of course, delicious. It is not a spicy or “masala heavy” biryani. The well-marinated and perfectly cooked mutton pieces were soft and pleasant to eat. It was not harsh on the gums. 

3 Varieties of Chicken

Barbeque Nation Starters
Barbeque Nation Starters

The Chicken Kabab, Chicken Tikka, and the Tandoori Wings were distinctly tasteful, soft, and tender.

Desserts & Salads

Barbeque Nation Desserts in a box
Barbeque Nation Desserts in a box

The Gulab Jamoons, Rasagulla’s, and the chocolate brownie were fresh and awesome. The salad seemed to retain the original taste, without much salt or vinegar. 

Whether you order Barbeque Nation Biryani & Kebabs box in combination with mutton, chicken, veg, or mixed, it’s all worth the price. Our order had more value than Nandha Palace Nati Style Chicken Biryani Family Pack that cost me Rs. 860/-. Not because of the quantity but because of the variety in the BBQ Restaurant Buffet Box. 

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