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Shawarma Time Plate Shawarma

I am full praise for food ordering apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. They have helped millions of customers order their food from the comfort of their homes. You can order from restaurants as far as 8 km away from your residence. Sometimes you wouldn’t know such restaurants existed ever. Like I ordered my Shawarma’s from Shawarma Time in Ulsoor. 

Another best part about these food ordering apps is that you can read customer’s reviews and decide whether to order from there or not. If the reviews are bad, you can certainly jump to the next restaurant and there are so many options. 

Shawarma Time Zomato Review

Shawarma Time Plate Shawarma
Shawarma Time Plate Shawarma

I decided to order from Shawarma Time though the customer’s reviews in the Zomato App were not impressive. I wanted to find out myself what’s the issue with the food. 

The customers complained mostly about the taste is not good, more vegetables in the fillings and the lemon juice is too sweetish. If you read all the reviews, you wouldn’t just order from Shawarma Time. 


I know Shawarma’s for more than a decade now and I have tasted this awesome dish in several locations. Here’s my opinion. 

  1. The owner or the chef should take a Shawarma tour within Bengaluru, they will get to know Shawarma better. 
  2. The French Fries was good but there is always room for improvement. 
  3. Lemon Juice is the easiest drink that can be prepared well!

What was good?

Not everything from this outlet at Ulsoor was bad. Their combo offer is cost-effective and their packing was good. 

Shawarma Time Packing
Shawarma Time Packing

But I am a person who appreciates quality over quantity. I hope the Shawarma Time (Ulsoor) will address the Zomato customer reviews and improvise.

Well, there are more options in Ulsoor. I will get them all in this blog so keep connected. Follow the tag “restaurants in Ulsoor”. I have covered restaurants in Kammanahalli and also famous restaurants in Bangalore. Do suggest to me if I left out any. 

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