Rahhams Restaurant Nehru Road Chicken Biryani

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Rahhams Restaurant Nehru Road

The Rahhams Restaurant at Nehru Road is a full-fledged family restaurant that’s kind of good for casual dining. This used to be Richie’s restaurant before, renamed to Rahhams later. It’s quite a well-known restaurant in Bengaluru. 

Rahhams Restaurant Nehru Road

Rahhams Restaurant Nehru Road

We ordered one chicken biryani (Rs. 290/-) from their Nehru Road branch which is open for takeaway orders. Dine-in is closed due to the pandemic restrictions. 

My first impression went negative due to the way they packed the chicken biryani that cost me Rs. 290/-. The neighbor “Thalassery Restaurant” charges less at Rs. 120/- for chicken biryani and they pack it a lot better.

Chicken Biryani

Rahhams Chicken Biryani

Even if they impressed me with the packing, I wouldn’t appreciate the price point. The Bucket Biryani costs lesser than Rahhams and their quantity is more when compared. Moreover, their’s is a long-grain (Basmati) rice. 

One thing I am positive about the Rahhams Chicken Biryani is the taste. It’s simply superb, almost similar to the Taj Restaurant in Shivajinagar. I liked it a lot. The Jeeraga Samba rice is so aromatic and the chicken pieces perfectly cooked to softness and tenderness. 

I will suggest this restaurant to anybody provided if they could afford the cost. It’s a costly restaurant.

As you can see in the photo, Rahhams Restaurant packs Chicken Biryani with three accomplishments. The Brinjal Gravy is unbeatable with the biryani and the raitha was just perfect. I liked the kheer which had a mild sweetness. 

Rahhams is Costliest in the Block

Of all the restaurants in Kammanahalli, the Rahhams Restaurant is the costliest. But as I said, the taste is good and I appreciate the quality as well. 

You can try the food here once but if you are looking for a cost-effective restaurant, there are so many options – Thalassery Restaurant, Empire Restaurant, Nandhana Palace, Savory Restaurant, Moriz, Bucket Biryani and I will add more to this list. 

There’s more option though – follow the tag “Restaurants in Kammanahalli.” 

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