Manchanabele dam has witnessed 200 deaths

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Manchanabele Reservoir

Manchanabele dam witnessed 200 deaths due to drowning between 2006 and 2011. As a precautionary measure, the dam has been closed to visitors since 2011. However, Manchanabele remains the favorite destination for many travelers from Bengaluru.

Manchanabele dam was closed in 2011

Though Manchanabele Dam was closed for visitors several years ago, this place attracts visitors even today. There are two reasons for it: 1) Either they don’t know the dam is closed or 2) They come here for a casual drive.

Some people never give up

Even though the dam is closed to the public, some people never give up. They try to reach the dam through other routes to face the danger. But they don’t get to cross the gates due to the tight security. There is no way you can get through the barricade.

You can still enjoy Manchanabele Dam

Traveling to Manchanabele dam can still be fun if you are planning for a one-day trip from Bengaluru. You can enjoy the sceneries, have fried fish, and of course, capture some memorable selfies.

Enjoy the scenarios

The fun starts from the Mysuru road when you take a turn next to the Rajarajeshwari Engineering college. You will pass through several villages, rose farms, nurseries that you don’t get to see in the city limits. So drive slow and enjoy every moment.

As you approach the Manchanabele Dam, the beautiful sight of the reservoir and the dam will mesmerize you.

The Fish Land Restaurants

Fish Stall Manchanabele
Fish Stall near Manchanabele Dam (Note: all the stalls are named Fish Land with other names)

You will spot several makeshift huts selling fried fish near Manchanabele dam reservoir. If you are willing, you can enjoy the Tawa fried fish in any of these eateries.

They charge you half the price you would pay in a restaurant in Bengaluru. Choose from the variety of fish ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs. 140 per piece.

Jalebi Fish Fry Manchanabele Dam
Jalebi Fish Manchanabele Dam

It’s a freshwater fish captured at Manchanabele reservoir, but I am unsure if they buy from other sources.

Don’t follow others

People trying other routes

When you are at dam, you will see people trying to find out a way to reach the dam. They are misguided, and there is no way you can cross the barricade. So do not follow them.

Aqueduct Bridge Manchanabele Dam

Aqueduct Road
Aqueduct Road Manchanabele

There is a small aqueduct bridge that throws a beautiful view when the water flows in full force. This place, too, is dangerous if you are not careful enough. Have fun watching it from far away.

Let’s conclude

Suppose you are looking for places to visit near Bangalore within 50 km. In that case, you can plan for Dodda Alada Mara, Manchinbele Dam, and Savanadurga Temple.

Try to spend an hour in each destination enjoying the lush green sceneries and capturing those beautiful moments on your smartphone.

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