Akkayamma Betta – Nearest Destination to Bengaluru

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Cave Temple at Akkayamma Betta

If you are in Bengaluru and planning for a short getaway, then Akkayamma Betta can be the best bet. It is a small hillock about 22 km from Bengaluru. This destination is famous for temples and the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. 

Akkayamma Betta for Quick Adventure

Akkayamma Betta
Akkayamma Betta

Go here for a quick adventure ride with your friend or travel with your family in a car. It is going to be a memorable experience for all. There are lots of boulders out there. When you explore them, I am sure you will burn more calories than usual. Do not forget to carry water with you.

There are five temples atop the hill. One of them is a cave temple. I was on a solo ride to this hillock on a Monday morning and found the temples closed. 

Temples Open Three Days a Week

Cave Temple at Akkayamma Betta
Cave Temple at Akkayamma Betta

I learned that the temple atop the Akkayamma Temple is open three days a week – Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. You can explore the temples these days. If you plan to ride there and spend some time atop, any day will be an adventurous day.

I explored the Akkayamma Betta till noon and enjoyed every moment of it. 

YouTube Video of my visit to Akkayamma Betta

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I captured the videos using three devices – iPhone SE 2020, Vivo V20, and the Sony Camcorder.

Carry Food

There’s no food available atop the Akkayamma Betta, so ensure you have your food before you reach the hillock. And as I stated earlier, carry water with you because you will be dehydrated easily. Carry some snacks if you want to and please do not litter. Let’s maintain cleanliness and be responsible citizens.

When you travel to Akkayamma Betta from Bengaluru, you will reach the destination in less than one hour. To avoid the city traffic, it is better that you start early. Why not plan to witness the sunrise here?

There are two ways to reach the summit. Either you can climb the stair or ride to the top of the hillock. 

You will get to see more crowds near the temple during the special days. Plan your trip accordingly. I hope you liked this post and the information helped you to decide on your trip. Comment or connect to me through Instagram.