Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli (Nehru Road)

The Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli is the most visited restaurant for its Kerala cuisine. It tops other restaurants in the locality when it comes to quality, quantity, price, and even service. 

Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli

Thalassery Restaurant (Photo: iPhone SE 2020)

The restaurant is located on Nehru Road, Kacharakanahalli, Bengaluru. However, it is popular as Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli due to its proximity to Kammanahalli main road.  

It is a small restaurant with six tables that can accommodate four guests each. There is a staff that gives service to the table, which is very interesting. In a city like Bengaluru, the restaurants of this size will not afford “table service to its customers.” 

Takeaway Orders Only

It’s a lockdown in Bengaluru and like any other restaurant, the Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli is open for online orders. You can order through Swiggy or Zomato. 

Multi Cuisine

This restaurant is predominantly Kerala cuisine but has north Indian and Chinese dishes listed on the menu. However, I prefer the Kerala food whenever I visit this place. 

Try Kerala Cuisine

Post lockdown, you can visit this restaurant to try – Kerala-style chicken biryani, Kerala parotta, appam, idiyappam, puttu, boiled rice meal, and varieties of fish curries prepared in coastal style. 

Chicken Stew & Idiyappam

Chicken Stew & Idiappam – Photo Captured with iPhone SE 2020

This restaurant specializes in Chicken Stew and Vegetable Stew. These two dishes are super hit here and are available only during the weekends. The stew is a great combination with idiyappam and appam.

To try the stews, you got to be in the restaurant before 10 am during the weekends. 

How’s the Restaurant?

The restaurant is big enough to accommodate about 20 guests at a time. The ambiance is pretty good and I liked the wallpapers that tell the story of Thalassery. Surprisingly, there’s a restroom. In a city like Bengaluru, restaurants of this size usually will not have a restroom.

Friendly Staff

The staff is polite and friendly and the service is pretty fast. However, the speed of service depends upon the food you order. 

Reasonable Price

The food cost is reasonable and you can have a good meal for less than Rs. 100. The Kerala Parotta costs Rs. 10 per piece and a veg curry start from Rs. 40 per serving. 

You can make payment by cash, card, or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

I have tasted most of the items listed on the menu and I don’t remember a dish that I felt was not good. Their kitchen size is as big as the dining area and you get a glimpse of the kitchen too. 

When compared with the other restaurants on Nehru road, the Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli is best (for Kerala cuisine). Drop-in here for authentic Kerala food when you are nearby. The restaurant is open for breakfast as early as 7 am and open until dinner time. 


You get to park your two-wheeler in front of the restaurant but for cars, it’s going to be space hunting. 


Next to the Thalaserry Restaurant Kammanahalli, there’s Sannidhi Grand, in case you are looking for a veg restaurant. There are more restaurants in this locality and they are worth trying. Do follow the link – Restaurants in Nehru Road and Restaurants in Kammanahalli.  

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