Kammanahalli Restaurants

You will find all the eateries tagged to Kammanahalli Restaurants. You will find both veg restaurants and non-veg restaurants. If we have missed out on any restaurants, kindly connect to us through the contact form. We shall review it as soon as possible.

Incredible Combo at Raidan Restaurant KammanahalliIncredible Combo at Raidan Restaurant Kammanahalli

Incredible Combo at Raidan Restaurant Kammanahalli

Raiden Restaurant Kammanahalli is one of the popular Arabian restaurants in the neighborhood. This restaurant has an extensive list of… Read More

1 year ago

Nandhana Palace Kammanahalli Nati Style Mutton Biryani

The Nati Style Mutton Biryani at Nandhana Palace Kammanahalli is the spiciest mutton biryani I have ever had. After all,… Read More

2 years ago

Onesta Pizza – The Best Pizza Offer 2021

Onesta Pizza is a chain of pizza joints in Bengaluru and the one in Kammanahalli is known for rooftop dining,… Read More

2 years ago

Empire Restaurant Kammanahalli Chicken Biryani Review

The Empire Restaurant in Kammanahalli main road is the oldest and the most popular food joint in the locality. They… Read More

2 years ago

Brindavan Upachar Kammanahalli Main Road – Roti Curry & Rice

Brindavan Upachar is a small restaurant established recently in the Kammanahalli Main Road, Bengaluru. As per the government mandate, this… Read More

2 years ago

Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli (Nehru Road)

The Thalassery Restaurant Kammanahalli is the most visited restaurant for its Kerala cuisine. It tops other restaurants in the locality… Read More

2 years ago

Tarayi Coastal Cuisine

If you are in Kammanahalli (Bengaluru East) and a fan of coastal foods, here’s Tarayi Coastal Cuisine for you. It… Read More

2 years ago