Sri Raghavendra Stores for Tasty Idly & Shavigebath

Sri Raghavendra Stores is a small eatery situated right opposite Malleshwaram Railway Station. It is a popular breakfast joint that dishes out delicious Idly, Vada, Kara Bath, and the Shavigebath. While the food quality is equivalent to that of the big restaurant, its taste surpasses all. Interestingly, the food price is at the lowest.

Sri Raghavendra Stores

Sri Raghavendra Stores

My order for the day was a plate of Idly Vada and Shavigebath. The total cost came to Rs. 77/-. I liked the idly. But I became a fan of Vada. So crispy it was and tasty too. The coconut chutney was a great combo for all the dishes I ordered at Raghavendra Stores. 

Raghavendra Stores Idly Vada Chutney

Shavigebath is the best

You know what? I went there for Idly and fell in love with Shavigebath. It was awesome. You have to try this once.  

Shavige Bath

Sri Raghavendra Stores YouTube Videos

Do you want a little push to try the Sri Raghavendra Stores Idly? Then you watch the reviews by Kripal Amanna (Food Lovers TV) and Vikram Gowda (Unbox Karnataka). I have provided their YouTube video links at the end of this post. Do watch it.

If you are far away from Malleshwaram, you will end up spending more money on your transport than the food here. And that’s OK for good food!

Before you go to Sri Raghavendra Stores

Sri Raghavendra Stores has completed 43 years of dishing out delicious foods at an affordable price while maintaining quality and quantity. But it’s a tiny eatery that serves a limited menu. There’s no table or chair available for comfort dining. You have to buy tokens first then get the food from the counter.

It’s going to be a little adventure. You have to enjoy your food as you do at the picnic. Grab a place near the railway station compound and relish your favorite dish. 

Kumar Saravana (me) at Sri Raghavendra Stores Malleshwaram


I parked my car near the Manipal Hospital and walked towards the eatery. I noticed there is enough space for two-wheeler parking 

Store Timings

  • 6.00 am to 12.30 pm
  • 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm
  • Tuesday Holiday

Other Options

If you have already explored this eatery, I can list out more options for you. You can try the CTR Malleshwaram for Benne Masala Dosa, the Brahmins Coffee for delicious Idly and Coconut Chutney, and of course the Vidyarthi Bhavan for Masala Dosa and Idly. I hope you liked this post. I wish you try the food here and comment on your version of the story. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram and message me there for a quick reply.

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