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There are many things about Ramadevara Betta that will make you want to visit this beautiful hill again and again. If you have seen the blockbuster Sholay movie, don’t be surprised to know the filming happened on this hill. This rocky mountain is a favorite among trekkers. This betta (hill) is India’s only vulture sanctuary. So where are you going this weekend? 

Ramadevara Betta

Ramadevara Betta

Bengaluru to Ramanagara

The distance between Bengaluru to Ramanagara is about 65 km. It depends upon where you start in the city. Public transport is available but traveling by car or motorcycle will be comfortable if you want to explore the Ramadevara Betta.

Ramanagara to Ramadevara Betta

Ramadevara Betta is about 4.8 km from Ramanagara. As you approach Ramanagara from Bengaluru, you will notice a giant ‘Hanuman’ statue towards the right. Take a right turn and head straight to your location. Following Google map is a good option but don’t be confused with the Ramadevara Betta near Tumkur. 

Ramadevara Betta Video

Entry Fees & Timings

  • Children – Rs. 10
  • Adults – Rs. 25
  • Foreigners – Rs. 100
  • Motorcycles – Rs. 10
  • Four Wheelers – Rs. 20


The Ramadevara Betta opens to the public at 9 am and closes by 5.30 pm. If you reach early, you will have to wait until the gates open. So plan your travel accordingly. Don’t be too late because you will need ample time to explore. 

Climbing the Hill

Kumar Saravana

Park your vehicle at the base of the hill and start climbing the stairs. There’s a vulture museum near the parking facility so consider exploring that. The steps are well laid until the Pattabirama Temple that counts between 300-400.

You can carry cameras and take photographs. The security may not allow drones. 

I captured the footage with my Vivo smartphone and a Sony Handycam.

Carry Water & Snacks

Carry water and snacks while exploring the Ramadevara Betta. You will find no shops once you start climbing the stairs. You can opt for temple food if your visit happens to be on the weekends or holidays. 

Temples at Ramadevara Hill

Pattabirama Temple

There are three prominent temples located halfway to the top of the hill. They are 1) Anjaneya Temple, 2) Sri Rameshwara Temple, and 3) Pattabirama Temple. There is also a 700 years old statue of ‘Lord Anjeneya’ that is farther from these three temples. 

The Pattabirama temple gives out free food to devotees on weekends and government holidays.

Trekking at Ramadevara Hill

Ramadevara Betta is a beautiful place for trekking. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or never trekked before. It is easy to climb the stairs up to the temple. You will have to put more effort from there onwards to reach the top of the hill.  


During my visit to this betta, I noticed families trekking together, including children. They even climbed to the top of the hill. Watch the video in this post till the end. You will get a fair idea.

Anjaneya Statue (700 Years Old)

Anjaneya Statue

Once you cross the Pattabirama Temple, you will notice two routes. One that descends towards the 700 years old Lord Anjaneya Statue and another that ascends to the top of the hill. If you plan to cover both, you may get exhausted. 

Top of Ramadevara Hill

Sholay Hills

Your efforts to climb the top of the hill will pay off when you witness the breathtaking view of neighboring hills. As you reach the top of the hill, do nothing but relax and enjoy the beautiful views. Take some photographs, selfies, or whatever you like but be careful. 

Getting Down

From the top of Ramadevara Betta

Getting down the rocky mountain is challenging. Hold the railings, keep one step at a time and slowly get down. Be careful and take care of the children if they are with you.

Only Vulture Sanctuary of India

Ramadevara Betta is the only ‘Vulture Sanctuary’ in India. It is home to long-billed vultures commonly known as ‘Indian Vulture.’ It is the only place in Karnataka where the critically endangered and endemic Indian White-backed Vulture and long-billed vultures are found and breed naturally in the entire south. 

Sholay Movie

Sholay is a Hindi language action-adventure movie starring popular actors such as Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan, Hema Malini, and Jaya Bhaduri. The filming began on 3rd Oct 1973 and took 2.5 years to complete. Within the two weeks of the release, the Sholay movie became an overnight sensation. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. The information helped your travel decisions. When you travel to Karnataka, do visit Ramadevara Betta once. There are more options available for a ‘day trip’ from Bengaluru. Follow the tag “places to visit near Bangalore.” You may also like “famous restaurants of Bangalore” for some mouth-watering dishes.

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