Onesta Pizza – The Best Pizza Offer 2021

Onesta Pizza is a chain of pizza joints in Bengaluru and the one in Kammanahalli is known for rooftop dining, beautiful décor, and great hospitality. While digging out more information on the internet, I came to know Onesta Pizza is popular for its unlimited offer. If you love pizza and have a great appetite, you should try the unlimited pizza at Onesta.

During the lockdown, we had no option to visit the property but to order online. The Onesta was running the offer “buy 2 and get 1 free.” We ordered a mix of veg and non-veg pizzas and our orders were: 

Onesta Pizza Order

The One 4 Non-Veg x1 (Rs. 559)

  • BBQ Chicken Pan Crust (7” Pizza)
  • Cheesy Chicken Pan Crust (7” Pizza)
  • Classic Chicken Tikka Pan Crust (7” Pizza)
  • Classic Chicken Tikka Thin Crust

The Howzat Combo X1 (Rs 349)

  • Cheesy Green Chilly Pizza Pan Crust
  • Chocolate Mousse Jar
  • French Fry’s
  • Penne Arrabiata

The Unpredictable Combo X1 (Rs. 349 Free)

  • Brownie Blast Jar
  • Cheesy Onion Pan Crust
  • French Fries
  • Veggie Lover Pan Crust

Our total order value was Rs. 1064 including delivery charges, taxes, and after discount. The “buy two get one” offer by Onesta reduced the average cost of each item by a great deal. For a moderate eater, this order will be sufficient for at least 7 people and that depends upon how much one can eat.

BBQ Chicken Pan Crust

Classic Chicken Tikka Pan Crust

Most of the pizzas were “pan crust pizza” except one which was the “thin crust pizza.” What we liked the most in veg is the “Veggie Lover Pan Crust” pizza topped with corn, onion, and capsicum. Under non-veg Pizza’s, the “BBQ Chicken Pan Crust” and “Classic Chicken Tikka Pan Crust” were excellent. But we felt the amount of cheese on the toppings could have been a little more. 

The chocolate mousse was awesome but the brownie blast was too sweet and creamy. Some may like it and it depends upon how much sugar they are willing to intake. 

Brownie Blast & Chocolate Mousse Jar

Trust me, French Fries will taste good when you have it fresh out of the frying pan. Packing it home isn’t a good idea.

Penne Arrabiata Pasta

The Penne Arrabiata Pasta was interesting. I could count so many items in it – Baby corn, black olives, green olives, jalapeno, mushroom, chopped garlic, green chili, and it’s prepared out of tomato puree. Trust me Sanjeev Kapoor will teach to prepare this with fewer ingredients. 

Overall the Onesta Pizza wins over quantity and quality. Based on my experience and research, they have the best Pizza offers in Bangalore for both online orders and dine-in customers.

That was about the Onesta Pizza in Kammanahalli. Can you suggest a restaurant for the best pizza in Bangalore? 

Do you want to try the local menu? Follow “famous restaurants in Bangalore” or maybe “restaurants in Kammanahalli” if you are somewhere here. 

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Kumar Saravana