Kadamba Veg Restaurant Bangalore Mysore Highway

There are a dozen restaurants on the Bangalore-Mysore highway that pulls the crowd. The Kadamba Veg Restaurant is one of them. When you drive from Bengaluru, you will spot this restaurant on the left and not far away from the city outskirts.

Kadamba Veg Mysore Road

Kadamba Veg Mysore Road

Why Kadamba Veg?

Who would not like to enjoy a meal in a good restaurant? Especially when they travel with their family and friends?

I would like to prefer a big restaurant where we do not get to wait for the table. I would love to go to a restaurant that serves quality food at the best price. I will appreciate a restaurant that has more options on its menu. 

The Kadamba Veg at Mysore road has it all.

It was a Friday morning. I wanted to cross Bengaluru city before the traffic piles up. I decided to have my breakfast at the first best restaurant I spot. 

Ease of Parking

The best thing about the Kadamba Veg Restaurant at Bangalore-Mysore road is that it has dedicated parking. As you drive in, the security will guide you for hassle-free parking.

The Kadamba Veg Restaurant Ambience

Kadamba Veg Ambience

When you walk into the restaurant, you will appreciate many things about Kadamba Mysore Road. There are beautiful brass statues near the entrance that are pleasant to see. 

The dining hall is too big with wooden tables and chairs. The ambiance is pretty decent and perfect for casual dining with family and friends.

The Food Experience

We ordered Masala Dosa, Special Bisibele Bath, and Vada Sambar.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa Kadamba Veg

You should try the Masala Dosa here. It was crispy, soft, and tasty. The Masala Dosa is the favorite dish for many in this part of the world. There are a handful of restaurants in Bengaluru that specializes in Masala Dosa. Here’s the list for you to explore.

Bisibele Bath

Bisibelebath Kadamba Veg

I love Bisibele Bath a lot. It is my favorite dish too. I prefer to eat this vegetable-filled aromatic dish in select restaurants only. I would suggest the Kadamba Veg Restaurant at Mysore Road if you are craving for Bisibele Bath.

Vada Sambar

Vada Sambar

The Vada Sambar was good. I would say it was above average.

The Menu

The Kadamba Veg Restaurant at Mysore Road has an extensive list of dishes listed on their menu card. If you are a fan of South Indian, North Indian, or Chinese cuisine, they have it all. It’s a vegetarian restaurant!

The restaurant is open all day. You have the option to check-in for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Service was good

I noticed that the waiter takes the order and updates it in her tab. The food is made ready in the kitchen instantly. They save a lot of time by using technology. Not every restaurant in Bengaluru follows this system. 

When you drive from Bangalore to Mysore, you will come across several restaurants. Sometimes it becomes hard to decide on a restaurant. All you have to do is visit once and experience yourself. If not, get a hint from my blog post. 

Your Experience

Have you been to Kadamba Veg at Mysore Road? If yes, please share your experience so the readers can learn from you. 

Do you want to suggest restaurants in and around Bengaluru? 

If you have one in mind, please search this blog first. If you did not find your favorite restaurant, then comment below. I will try to explore and write about it. 

I hope you liked this post. This blog is all about travel and food.  Follow the tags and remember the name for some travel and food ideas.

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