Incredible Combo at Raidan Restaurant Kammanahalli

Raiden Restaurant Kammanahalli is one of the popular Arabian restaurants in the neighborhood. This restaurant has an extensive list of Arabian dishes on its menu but what caught our eye is the exciting combos the restaurant offered.

This post will cover our dining experience and highlights the “combo offers” available at Raidan restaurant. So please read the post till the end.

Raidan Restaurant Kammanahalli best for Arabian Cuisine

We wanted to try Arabian cuisine, especially the mandi rice, so we decided to try it at Raidan Restaurant (Kammanahalli).  It was a weekday and almost 2 pm, and we were the first customers to drop into the restaurant.

A glance at the Raidan Restaurant from the outside will make you want to explore what is on offer. The grilled chicken and shawarma grill machine placed at the front will surely attract foodies.

The restaurant has dining arrangements on the first and second floors. As we took the stairs, we passed the cashier and noticed the kitchen was on the ground floor. I saw the dining hall on the first floor is big enough to host up to 50 guests at a time.

Raidan Restaurant has Arabian Life Wall Arts

Wall Designs at Raidan

The restaurant did not have a color theme, but I observed Arabian life wall arts. There were split air conditioners, but the dining hall was naturally lit and ventilated by the open windows. There was not much decoration except reasonable seating arrangements.  

The 1st floor has wooden furniture perfect for comfortable dining. The tables were not congested, making the restaurant family-friendly and relaxed dining.

Majlis at Raidan Restaurant – 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor consisted of a “majlis seating arrangement” for those who prefer to sit down and dine traditionally. The restaurant does not have an outdoor seating arrangement.

Apparently, the staff was having lunch, and it looked like they did not expect the customers so early. However, one of the waiters was available to take our orders.

Ask the waiter for the best options

The waiter was decently dressed and seemed well-versed with their menu. When we ordered the “Combo Queen” that consisted of Tandoori Chicken and Grilled Chicken, he was quick to offer Alfaham Chicken instead of Tandoori. The Tandoori Chicken was not yet ready then.

If you are trying Arabian cuisine for the first time, consider asking the waiter’s suggestion.

Raidan Restaurant at Kammanahalli is no fast food. Any food you order, right from Shawarma to Mutton Mandi, you will have to wait for a while. All the foods are prepared after ordering.

Raidan’s Combo Queen

Combo Queen – Raidan Restaurant

The waiter gave us combo options, and they were attractive. We decided to go with the “mutton family pack” that consisted of 1 mutton leg piece, 3 mandi rice, and 1 soft drink, and that would cost Rs. 1250/-. But we changed the plan and settled for “combo queen” that consisted of 1 tandoori chicken (full), 1 grill chicken (full), 4 mandi rice, and 600 ml soft drink at Rs. 1200/-.

The Mandi Rice is not your regular Biryani

The mandi rice is not a regular biryani, and there is a clear difference in its preparation. The mild-flavored long-grain rice was “not dry” but pleasant to eat. You can clearly differentiate it from the regular chicken or mutton biryanis when eating mandi rice.

The perfectly cooked al-faham chicken and the grilled chicken made a great combo with the mandi rice. The mayonnaise, pudina chutney, and tomato chutney were great additions to chicken and the long-grain rice.

We realized that this order was excess for a family of 5 that includes 2 kids. There was a combo option for a lesser quantity. But the food did not go to waste, the waiter helped us pack the leftovers.

If you plan to visit Raidan Restaurant to try one of these combos, opt for one that is just enough for your group. You can request them to pack your leftover food if need be.

Raidan Restaurant FAQ

Restaurant Timings

11.00 pm to 12.00 am

Restaurant Address

Kammanahalli Main Road, Bengaluru

Budget Required

Rs. 200 to Rs. 600 for 2 (Depends what you eat)

Is it a restaurant for families, children, and couples?

Raidan Restaurant is suitable for families, children, and couples (for dining)

Does the restaurant have parking facilities?

The restaurant does not have a dedicated parking space. However, you can find one on the main road.

Are there going to be parking-related issues?

If not parked correctly, your vehicle may be towed away.

Does the restaurant serve alcohol?

Raidan Restaurant does not serve alcohol.

Is there a dedicated smoking zone at the restaurant?

There is no dedicated smoking zone

Does Raidan Restaurant play music

They don’t play music.

Let’s Conclude

Overall, we had a great food experience at Raidan Restaurant Kammanahalli. What fascinated us more was the food than the restaurant. I like the way it was presented. You will enjoy this kind of food when you go with family and friends.

Order combos or any food as per the requirement to not waste. If there is excess leftover, consider packing them home. The idea is not to waste food.

The restaurant isn’t too big but adequate enough to host about 80 guests at a time.

Raidan Restaurant Menu – Combo only

1 Mutton Leg Piece1 Full Grill Chicken5 Chicken Madguth
1 Full Grill Chicken1 Full Alfaham1 Full Grill Chicken
6 Mandi Rice8 Mandi Rice1 Soft Drink 600 ml
1 Soft Drink 600 ml1 Soft Drink 600 ml
Rs. 1950/-Rs. 1700/-Rs. 1400/-
Big Combo, Combo King * Madguth Offer at Raidan Restaurant
Mutton Family PackAlfaham FamilyGrill Family
1 Leg Piece Mutton1 Full Alfaham1 Full Grill Chicken
3 Mandi Rice4 Mandi Rice4 Mandi Rice
1 Soft Drink 600 ml1 Soft Drink 600 ml1 Soft Drink 600 ml
Rs. 1250/-Rs. 900/-Rs. 850/-
Mutton Family Pack, Alfaham Family & Grill Family Combo

Alternative Restaurants

If you want to try a similar dish at a more prominent restaurant, consider “Savory Restaurant,” a few yards away from Raidain restaurant. Also, consider following “Kammanahalli Restaurants” for more restaurant options in this area.

If you are new to Bengaluru, you should explore some incredible places in and around the city.

I hope you will have a great time at Raidan restaurant, Kammanahalli. Please comment about your experiences and suggest your favorite restaurant by commenting below.

Kumar Saravana