Empire Restaurant Kammanahalli Chicken Biryani Review

The Empire Restaurant in Kammanahalli main road is the oldest and the most popular food joint in the locality. They are famous for non-vegetarian foods and their menu also consists of vegetarian dishes. According to Zomato, the Empire Restaurant specializes in South Indian, North Indian, Arabian, and Chinese Dishes. 

Empire Restaurant Kammanahalli

Empire Restaurant Kammanahalli

The Empire is a chain of restaurants spread across Bengaluru city and they have one branch in Hassan as well. Their history dates back to 1966 when Mr. Abdul Rahim from Malaysia started a small restaurant in Shivaji Nagar. Follow the links at the end of this post to read about the humble beginning of the Empire Restaurant in Bengaluru. 

Chicken Biriyani, Biriyani Rice and Empire Crispy Chicken

We ordered for two of us: 

  • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 240/-
  • Biriyani Rice – Rs. 120/-
  • Empire Crispy Chicken (2 Pcs) – Rs. 116/-

The total bill was Rs. 525/- inclusive of packing charges (Rs. 23.80) and GST Rs. 5%. 

Check the portions

When you order for a Chicken Biriyani at Empire Restaurant, check out the portions. They have varied portions on offer starting from a quarter, half, and full. You have the option to choose the quantity when you order through Swiggy. However, when you visit the restaurant, the default portion is half unless you specify.

Basmati Rice Biriyani is Expensive

Empire Biriyani Rice

Biriyani is prepared in varieties of rises such as aromatic Basmati, flavor full Jeeraga Samba Rice, Bullet Rice, and sometimes with the ordinary rice and they are priced accordingly. The Basmati Rice Biriyani is expensive. 

The Empire Restaurant chicken biriyani is prepared out of long grain rice. It looked awesome and when I picked the morsel by hand, I could feel each grain of the rice. That’s what I call perfect cooking. 

The chicken biriyani had a mild flavor and tasted pleasant. It looks like not much spice has gone into its preparation. I saw a small piece of cinnamon pop out of the biriyani otherwise it is only rice and chicken. The chicken pieces were perfectly cooked, was soft, it maintained the aroma. The pieces were not as salty as the one from Donne Biriyani Mane. 


Half Chicken Biriyani should be enough for one adult and a kid if they are moderate eaters. However, it depends on one’s appetite.

Empire Crispy Chicken

Empire Crispy Chicken

Have they tried to replicate the Kentucky Fried Chicken? Looks like the ingredients used and the preparation method is the same. It was crispy and tasted almost like KFC chicken.

The Empire Restaurant is not about just the Chicken Biriyani and the Crispy Chicken. There are so many items on their menu and you should try them all. This restaurant in Kammanahalli main road is a cool place to hang out with family. I have been there before and the ambiance is good. 


The speed of service depends on the time and the food you have ordered. There have been incidents here that made customers unhappy due to delayed service. 

Empire Restaurant Home Delivery

You can order food via Swiggy or Zomato, the restaurant is listed in both these apps. You may also use the Empire Hotel Kammanahalli Contact Number (refer to the image below) to order.

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