Cubbon Park Photoshoot is a thing of the past

Cubbon Park photoshoot is a thing of the past. Please know that you cannot carry a professional camera inside the park. However, you can capture photographs using your smartphone.

Cubbon Park Photoshoot is a thing of the past

Just about four years ago, Cubbon Park was a popular destination for theme-based photography and videography. You could witness pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots, pregnancy photoshoots, and birthday photoshoots on a Sunday morning.

The park also saw students practicing nature photography, especially macro-photography. I have seen students capturing tiny insects and flowers guided by their mentors.

You cannot carry a camera inside Cubbon Park

Now, these activities have become a thing of the past. The park gates are closed for commercial photography and professional cameras.

Lucky are those who have their beautiful moments captured at Cubbon Park before the ban. For those who are planning now, they have to try in a different location.

The horticulture department has enforced the ban strictly. It is monitoring for any kind of violation through CCTV cameras and security personnel.

Why ban on Cubbon Park Photoshoot?

You might be wondering why the Cubbon Park photoshoot was banned? What’s wrong with it?

There are two main reasons for it.

  1. Photography equipment, especially flashlights, causes harm to flora and fauna.
  2. The photoshoots caused inconvenience to other visitors.

Photoshoots Negative Impacts

One complaint was that the professional photographers used cameras with high-intensity flashlights that damaged the bee’s eyes. The distracted insect may have attacked other visitors at the park.

Other visitors complained about photoshoots

Morning walkers and other visitors to the Cubbon park complained about the disturbance created by photoshoots. It should be noted that several photo shoots were happening simultaneously at various locations of the park.

So is the ban on photoshoots at Cubbon Park.

What is the solution?

The visitors can indulge in smartphone photography at Cubbon Park. Smartphone flashlights are of low intensity and do not harm flora and fauna of the park. Additionally, not everybody uses a flashlight on their smartphone.

The latest smartphones are nearly good as professional cameras with regards to clarity and pixel sizes. A good smartphone zoom lens will help capture faraway objects.

Photographers raised objections

Apparently, many professional photographers and videographers objected to the ban but were never successful. The ban is going to be there, and you will have to settle for smartphone photography.

Let’s Conclude

The photoshoot ban is disappointing, but we should understand the restriction is in place to protect flora and fauna of the park. We can’t help but support the decision by the horticulture department. is about travel and food. If you have any place or food joint to suggest, please comment below. Follow the link for all Cubbon Park-related posts.

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