CTR Malleshwaram –Crispy, Soft & Tasty Masala Dosa

If you want to savor the crispy, soft and tasty Masala Dosa then head straight to the legendary CTR Malleshwaram restaurant. CTR is the acronym for Central Tiffin Room and this 100-year-old restaurant has another name “Shri Sagar.” 

CTR Malleshwaram (Shri Sagar)

CTR Malleshwaram (Shri Sagar)

My Food Experience

On a Sunday morning, I keyed in “CTR Malleshwaram” in Google map and followed the voice while riding my motorcycle. At about 8.00 am, even without seeing the name board, I realized that I arrived at the destination. Thanks to the crowd waiting in a long line for their turn to get into Bangalore’s famous restaurant. 

People had come in groups with their family and friends to dine at CTR Malleshwaram restaurant. The security guard was taking the count and allowing the customers in as and when there was space available inside the restaurant. 

Luckily I was able to get into the restaurant without waiting for long as there was a single seat available. Those who came before me and who were in groups were still waiting for their turn. 

CTR Masala Dosa Experience

CTR Masala Dosa

Everybody who reviewed the Benne Masala Dosa at the Shri Sagar – CTR restaurant was right. I experienced it first hand and the CTR Masala Dosa was indeed crisply, soft and tasty. The mashed potato (palya), the chutneys, and the dosa made a great combination. My full marks to the quality but the size of the dosa was small compared to other restaurants. But that is OK. If you are still feeling hungry after having one masala dosa, you can order one more or try a different dish. I would suggest the Kara Bath (Uppitu) which is also popular here. The person right in front of me finished two bene masala and kara-bath and that’s achievable! 

What others say

There are thousands of reviews about the CTR Masala Dosa and some of them were really interesting. Read on. (I have placed the links at the end of the post) 


This one is from LBB and was very interesting to read. 

CTR is synonymous with the Benne Masala Dosa. Even as the waiter is carrying the yellow plastic plates laden with gleaming dose towards you or to another table, you are very likely to swoon a little with the wafting aroma of melted butter. When it is planked in front of you and you hastily tear of a piece, the ensuing crunch is music to the ears. 

Food Lovers TV – Kripal Amanna

I am a follower of Food Lovers TV and a big fan of Kripal Amanna and who is not? In one of his video reviews about CTR Malleshwaram, he says – an indication of a good place is when you have to wait. When people are waiting for their food, you know there is something for the fair there. When you go to the restaurant and you see people waiting, wait patiently because you will be rewarded with some great food because that’s what everybody is waiting for.

Every true-blue Bangalorean worships the CTR Shri Sagar and rightfully so. After all, the legendary eatery has withstood the test of time for close to 100 years and continues to delight with its crispy Benne Masala Dosa.

A Random Comment in Google Reviews

Comment 1

The best time to visit CTR Malleshwaram to get a seat is at 7.30 am when they open the gates. The Benne Masala Dosa is Awesome with strong filter coffee. The fragrance of the incense stick is divine. 

Comment 2

The war between Vidyarthi Bhavan and CTR Malleshwaram was going on for a while. I would say that you can compare the CTR Masala Dosa with any other Dosa Restaurant but definitely not with Vidyarthi Bhavan. 

The CTR Shri Sagar Restaurant is 100 years old

The Central Tiffin Room Shri Sagar restaurant is no doubt a heritage restaurant that dates back to the 1920s. The brainchild behind this restaurant was Y V Subramanyam and his brothers. They all hailed from Kolar District, Karnataka. Mr. Subramanyam sold his restaurant in the 1950s and since then it has changed many hands.

Owner Sanjeeva Poojari to Times of India

The gentleman who started this was a great man with ideas. He told me to maintain the institution he started and gave me the formula for his preparations. I have not changed anything and am running it just as before. The hotel still has the same menu and continues to enjoy a sizeable fan following even today. I have ensured that I use only the best of ingredients. – TOI Interview with Sanjeeva Poojari published in 2001.  

The CTR Malleshwaram

Did you know this iconic restaurant in Malleshwaram is older than the Vidhana Soudha

Well if you are new to Bengaluru, you should visit this restaurant at least once. It is not easy though, you have to plan your visit in advance. Key in CRT Malleshwaram in Google Maps and try to be here by 7.30 am to get the seats without waiting. The crowd may be easy during the weekdays.

The restaurant can accommodate about 50 guests at a time and I saw an equal number of people waiting outside for their turn. 

My experience at Central Tiffin Room was great. I give full stars for Masala Dosa. The Kesari Bath was average though. 

Note: If you are health conscious, you can order food without butter. 

CTR Malleshwaram Timings

  • Morning – 7.00 am to 12.30 pm
  • Evening – 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Other Options

If you are a fan of Masala Dosa, you will get the best of Masala Dosas in Bengaluru. All you have to do is do a bit of research. If you are done with CTR Malleshwaram, why not try the Vidyarthi Bhavan? Also, check out my recent post about “Brahmins Coffee Bar” the idly here is next level. 

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