Charminar Kabab Paradise

The Charminar Kabab Paradise at Frazer Town (MM Road) is a one-stop restaurant for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. If you love Kabab’s, Biryani’s, Rolls, then this is the food joint for you. 

Charminar Kabab Paradise MM Road

Charminar Kabab Paradise

The Charminar Kabab Paradise is at MM Road, Frazer Town (Bengaluru East). The name board at the restaurant states Established in 1983, which means it’s been there for more than three decades now. The restaurant is popular among the locals.

The restaurant has a good list of chicken and mutton items listed on its menu. Their signature dish is the Charminar Special Mutton Anda Kheema Roti. You got to try this when you visit the Charminar Kabab Paradise. 

Chicken Items on Display

Why Did I Choose Charminar Kabab Paradise?

I decided to explore all the restaurants in Frazer Town and randomly picked the Charminar Kabab Paradise to start. 

When I entered the restaurant, there I saw all the chicken items kept on display. I know it is not possible to order all. It took more than 15 minutes for me to decide what to pack home. 

Chicken Biryani & Barbeque Chicken Tikka

Barbeque Chicken Tikka in Preparation

Finally, my order was:

  • Chicken Biryani – Rs. 120
  • Barbeque Chicken Tikka – Rs. 220 (10 Boneless Pcs)
  • Pepper Chicken Roll – Rs. 70
  • Chicken Manchurian Roll – Rs. 70
  • Chicken Sheek Roll – Rs. 70

I loved the taste and aroma of the chicken biryani. The Barbeque chicken tikka was boneless, soft, and tasteful. 

The Rolls

Out of three rolls, I liked the Chicken Sheek Roll. The other two were average.

Dine-in Facility

The Charminar Kabab Paradise has a dine-in facility. I did not take the opportunity to explore it. You can expect another post about my Dine-in experience at this food joint in few days. Book mark or remember this blog –

What others say about Charminar Kabab Paradise

Let me summarise other’s opinions about this restaurant.

  • The chicken items taste fabulous, and the Rumali roti is the best. It is as thin as paper. The CKP is a great place to have meals all day. It is a good restaurant for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. But this restaurant is more opt for meat lovers.
  • This restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants that I wouldn’t miss it when I am around Frazer Town.
  • The restaurant is crowded during the month of Ramadan. A lot of people come here to explore the Ramadan special delicacies. During the festival, they put stalls outside the shop to cater to a larger crowd.
  • Do you love grills and kababs? Then you head to Charminar at Frazer Town. It is not hard to trace this restaurant as it is located on the main road.

My Opinion

If you are traveling with a vegan friend? Don’t worry. The restaurant offers vegetarian dishes as well. How about some Idly’s or Masala Dosa?  

Charminar Kabab Paradise Veg Section

Well, I wouldn’t suggest Masala Dosa here. If you are craving a delicious Masala Dosa, then you should be heading to Vidyarthi Bhavan or CTR Malleshwaram. The Idly fans will love Brahmins Coffee Bar. Try it. You will not regret it. 

No Parking Facility

The Kabab Paradise has no dedicated parking for four wheels. You will have to hunt for the space on the main road. However, you can find ample parking space for motorcycles. 

Next to the Kabab Paradise, you will spot the Bombay Chaupati. The Faluda is too good there. 

The Charminar Kabab Paradise at Frazer Town is open all day. You can go there for breakfast, lunch and of course for dinner.  Or order online or visit the restaurant to save that delivery charge and buy a chicken Sheek roll for yourself. You can also explore other restaurants in Frazer Town. I am going to add more in the coming days. 

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