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Raghavendra Stores

Sri Raghavendra Stores for Tasty Idly & Shavigebath

Sri Raghavendra Stores has completed 43 years of dishing out delicious foods at an affordable price while maintaining quality and quantity. But it’s a tiny eatery that serves a limited menu. There’s no table or chair available for comfort dining. You have to buy tokens first then get the food from the counter.

Barbeque Nation Desserts in a box

Barbeque Nation – Biryani’s & Kabab Box (Mutton)

Barbeque Nation “Barbeque in a Box” is a killer when it comes to price vs quantity. We ordered for “Biryani & Kabab Box (Mutton)” and this post is about our food experience with images. You will also get to read about a simple comparison to prove the food is worth the price.