Bucket Biryani Kammanahalli – Delicious & Affordable

The Bucket Biryani is a chain of restaurants in Bengaluru popular for their Chicken and Mutton Biryani. They are well known for their quantity, quality and of course the taste. 

Bucket Biryani Kammanahalli

Bucket Biryani Kammanahalli

There are four Bucket Biryani outlets in the city and we ordered our Chicken Biryani from the Kammanahalli outlet. The other three are in Fraser Town, OMBR Layout, and Castle Street. If you stay nearby to any of these areas you can treat yourself to a wonderful Biryani. 

Standard Packing

Chicken Biryani Packing – The restaurant follows standard packing like any other restaurants of it’s class.

Biryani Out Of The Box

Chicken Biryani out of the box – Did I forget about the boiled egg in the post? It is a standard addition to the Biryani’s. Eat this full and work out all day

Chicken Biryani on the Plate

Chicken Biryani on a plate – A complete meal in excess – Chicken Biryani prepared out of Basmati rice, Brinjal Gravy, Onion Raitha and a boiled egg.

One of the Google reviewers wrote, “Every bit of rice has taste” and I will echo this. I loved the mild aroma of the Chicken Biryani and its distinctive taste. It’s cooked to perfection with all the right ingredients and methods. The best part is they are consistent each day and every day.

You will appreciate the brinjal gravy and the onion raitha that accompanies the chicken biryani. None of the restaurants in the neighborhood gives such accomplishments with the Biryani except the Rahhams at Nehru road. 

Bucket Biryani Brinjal Gravy

Brinjal Gravy – All time favorite gravy for the biryani.

Onion Raitha

Onion Raitha – Onion, thick curd and a bit of salt to taste. Perfect for any kind of biryani.

One may feel the Chicken Biryani is expensive at Rs. 260/- but when you compare the quantity and quality, it is cheaper. The Mutton Biryani costs Rs. 310 and the Biryani Rice Rs. 180/-

Just the Biryani Rice

The Bucket Biryani does have Biryani Rice on their menu but it is not available most of the time. 

Bucket Biryani Take-Away is better

The Bucket Biryani at Kammanahalli has a dine-in facility, it’s a kind of fast-dining restaurant. However, I would suggest a takeaway for relaxed eating at home. 

Due to the pandemic and Government restrictions, this restaurant is open for take-away orders only.

The Bucket Biryani is not only about the Biryani, there are more items listed on their menu. You can try the crispy fried chicken, hot wings, and lollipops. If the order is big, they will fill everything into the bucket. It is easier for you to carry it home. 

That’s about the Bucket Biryani at Kammanahalli. 

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