Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort is one of the most important historical structures in Bengaluru. The remains are now the prized possession of the garden city and its citizens. The ASI should put more effort to improve the fort as a tourist destination and also safeguard it from damages.

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort

According to historical records, Kempegowda I built the Fort in 1537 and Hyder Ali strengthened it further in 1761. Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan made some improvements to the fort during his rule. 

The original fort was much bigger than what remains now. There were round bastions and several gates to the fort and the most popular were the Delhi Gate and the Mysore Gate. 

Without a doubt, the Fort has stood the test of time. I encourage you to read the history behind the fort to understand its importance and greatness. Sadly what we get to see now is only 40% remains of the Fort. 

When you are in Bengaluru, do visit the Bangalore Fort. Your destination is right next to the Victoria Hospital. It isn’t difficult to reach the fort using Google Maps. The metro station is also a stone’s throw away. 

Parking at Bengaluru Fort

The Fort has shrunk so much that it cannot part with space for parking. Not to worry, you can park your vehicle inside the Victoria Hospital Premises. 


You can do photography inside the fort but no photoshoots. You cannot carry photoshoot equipment inside.

What’s inside the fort?

  1. Huge Fort Gates with artistic borders

    The huge gates with teakwood doors and stone carvings are a great example of Indo-Islamic architecture. 

  2. Ganesha Temple inside Bangalore Fort

    According to historical records, in 1690, the Wodeyars bought Bengaluru from Aurangzeb and constructed the Ganesha Temple inside the fort. 

    However, according to the report prepared by Sir M Visvesvaraya and B Ramakrishna Rao in November 1916 on the fort, The Ganesha Temple architecture was very different and relatively more recent than that of the fort. According to their findings, the temple would have come up in the late 19th century or the early 20th century. But it is still not certain as to who built it.

  3. Prisons inside the fort

    There are prisons of various sizes that were dedicated to small-time thieves, hardcore criminals, and British prisoners. Some prisons have kitchens for the inmates to cook and eat.

    It should be noted that petty thieves were released after a few days of punishment. The hardcore criminals lodged in the Bangalore Fort prison were taken to Nandhi Hill and pushed down to death. 

  4. Bas Relief of Tipu & the Tiger

    The bas relief of Tipu and Tiger is interesting.

Bengaluru Fort FAQ

Who built Bangalore Fort?

Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bangalore, built the Fort in 1537. Hyder Ali strengthened the fort with stones in 1761 and his son Tipu Sultan improved it further.

How to get to the Bangalore Fort?

I suggest using Google maps to locate the Fort or Victoria Hospital for direction towards the fort. You can also travel by metro rail which is more comforting.

What is the other name of Bangalore Fort?

There is no other name for Bangalore Fort. Some may confuse it with Tipu Sultan Summer Palace which is another building.

Bangalore Fort Entry Fee

There is no entry fee (as of Apr 2021)


Enter the fort between 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

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The fort has witnessed many wars, has seen many rulers and commanders, and has stood the test of time. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

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