Bamboo Restaurant Kalyan Nagar

The Bamboo Restaurant at Kalyan Nagar is the perfect family dining restaurant. If you are looking for a change from a typical cuisine, then this restaurant is for you.

Bamboo Restaurant for Biryani’s Steamed in Bamboo

The Bamboo Restaurant at Kalyan Nagar offers both veg and non-veg cuisine. They have a good number of items listed on their menu.

We visited the restaurant for lunch and tried the Bamboo Chicken Biryani, Chicken Kizhi Biriyani, Chicken Tiger Wings, and Fish Tikka. We also ordered some fresh juices and ice cream.

The Ambience

While waiting for our order, I noticed the Bamboo Restaurant interiors tastefully decorated. True to its name, I could see Bamboo walls everywhere. Neat and clean and perfect for selfies.

When you dine at Bamboo Restaurant (Kalyan Nagar) with friends and family, you get to capture beautiful moments that you can preserve forever.

If you are anywhere in Kammanahalli or Kalyan Nagar, head to Bamboo Restaurant. Look out for a seat next to a big glass window for an opportunity to take some beautiful selfies and food photographs. 

Bamboo Chicken Biryani

The Bamboo Chicken Biryani is a non-spicy biryani prepared with Basmati rice. As the name says, this biryani is steamed in Bamboo. If you order one, the waiter brings in the Bamboo filled with biryani and slides it on the plate in front of you. So be prepared with your smartphone to capture that moment.

Regular chicken biryanis are prepared with lots of spices which gives out a typical biryani aroma. On the contrary, the Bamboo Chicken Biryani seems to contain fewer spices to enhance the Bamboo flavor.

Not only chicken, but even the rice was juicy, and I felt the Bamboo Chicken biryani was excellent. One plate serves two adults, so order as per your requirement.

Chicken Kizhi Biriyani

Chicken Kizhi Biriyani is different from Bamboo Chicken Biryani. This biryani is prepared out of Jeera rice and medium spices and steamed with banana leaf. This one, too, was non-spicy but flavourful.

If you are not a fan of basmati rice Biryani, you can order Chicken Kizhi Biryani.

Chicken Wings (Tiger Wings)

I imagined Tiger Wings, but it turned out to be chicken wings on the menu. Well, you got to make your hand dirty to eat this one, but it is worth it. It’s a mixture of melted butter and hot chilly paste, but you can never make out the chilly paste.

Fish Tikka

If you love fish, you got to try this one. It is flavourful, delicious, and boneless.

Considering the restaurant’s ambiance, the quality of the food, and even the quantity, you get the total value for your money when you dine here. Moreover, it is about having delicious food and spending precious time with your near and dear ones.

Go in a group and have a great time at Bamboo Restaurant.

The staffs are friendly. Ask them what’s unique in the restaurant, and they will guide you.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros – Great ambiance, family-friendly, good food, and value for money
  • Cons – No dedicated parking

Additional Information

Does Bamboo Restaurant serve alcohol?

The Bamboo Restaurant at Kalyan Nagar does not service alcohol, and there is no dedicated smoking zone (smoking is prohibited)

Is reservation required at Bamboo Restaurant?

Reservation is not required. We got the table without waiting.

Do they offer live music and entertainment?

There is no entertainment of any sort.

Is the restaurant suitable for family dining?

Yes, it is suitable for family and children.

Hope the information in this post helped you to make an appropriate decision. If I feel like eating Bamboo Chicken Biryani and the Tiger Wings, I would undoubtedly visit Bamboo Restaurant at Kalyan Nagar again. If I have to rate this restaurant, I will give it 3/5.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


The Bamboo Restaurant is located in HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru.

Do you have anything to say about this restaurant? Do you know any restaurant that you can recommend? Please comment below.

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