All you need to know about Mallika Biryani

Mallika Biryani at Kothanur (East Bengaluru) is an iconic restaurant famous for its mutton biryani and other non-vegetarian dishes. This restaurant, which is about 7 years old, rose to fame in the shortest period.

If you want to taste one of the best mutton biryanis in Bengaluru, you should head to Mallika biryani restaurant.

Mallika Biryani is about taste, quality, and quantity

The success behind Mallika Biryani is the taste, quality, and quantity. Says Mr. Venkatesh, the founder of this biryani restaurant.

Before venturing into the restaurant business, Venkatesh, a diploma holder in Computer Science, lost money big time trying his luck in other enterprises.

Started with 1kg of mutton

When he started Mallika Biryani, he hardly had Rs. 10,000 as an investment. He started his biryani restaurant with just 1kg of mutton. His mutton biryani was so delicious that customers began pouring into his restaurant.

Within the shortest period, Mallika Biryani restaurant became tremendously popular. Today, this restaurant stands firm at a 1-acre land at Kothanur, Bengaluru.

This success was not easy for Mr. Venkatesh. He struggled much during the initial days. He did not have money to hire staff, and he did all the work, right from cooking to cleaning.

Today, his restaurant has created employment opportunities for many, and most of them are ladies.

Mallika Biryani restaurant has become so popular that the crowd is increasing every weekend. On any given Sunday, the restaurant purchases 500 kg of raw meat for catering to its customers.

Quality, quantity, and taste

In every interview, Mr. Venkatesh attributes his success to three things – Quality, Quantity, and Taste. He never compromised on these things since the day he started his restaurant.

Mallika Biryani Restaurant at Kothanur

Mallika Biryani Restaurant

The Mallika Biryani restaurant is so big that it can accommodate up to 300 guests at a time and still doesn’t look congested. Unlike other popular biryani restaurants in Bengaluru, you need not wait for your turn to grab the table.

There is an open space and semi-closed space for the guests to sit and dine comfortably. There is plenty of fresh air coming in.

Mallika mutton biryani steals the show

Mallika Mutton Biryani

You will enjoy every dish at this restaurant, but the Mallika mutton biryani steals the show. This is why the restaurant became so popular. So you got to try this.

Before you go there, let me give you a heads-up. The biryanis are a bit spicier when compared with other famous biryani restaurants in Bangalore. 

If you don’t eat mutton, you can opt for chicken Biryani. Or you can just order for Biryani rice, and that works out cheaper.

Ingredients revealed

In one of the interviews, Mr. Venkatesh revealed ingredients that he uses to prepare the Biryani. He uses two types of rice, 1) Jeera samba and 2) bullet rice, to prepare mutton and chicken biryani.

Jeera samba rice has a sticky consistency, but by adding “bullet rice,” the rice does not stick to each other. Also, you will appreciate the tender meat that is so soft and juicy. Additionally, the food is prepared with “wood fire” that enhances the taste further.

Sold out in an hour

Mr. Venkatesh uses 140 kg of mutton for every 100 kg of rice, and this combination gives more flavor to the rice. It is no surprise, the mutton biryani is sold out in an hour.

If your group consists of moderate eaters, a plate of Mallika mutton biryani can serve two. A single plate of mutton biryani contains a generous quantity of biryani and mutton pieces.  The best you can do is order more items, share and eat.

You can order chicken biryani, ragi balls and mutton gravy, pepper chicken gravy, boneless chicken kabab, head mutton gravy, liver fry, and whatnot.

But try the Mallika Mutton Biryani. This is why you have traveled so long.

Mallika Biryani Price List (Updated 25/11/2021)

  • Mutton Biryani – ₹250
  • Chicken Biryani – ₹150
  • Mudde Oota – ₹200
  • Mudde – ₹20
  • Head Meat Masala – ₹120
  • Mutton Masala ₹190
  • Mutton Fry – ₹190
  • Boti Pepper Fry – ₹100
  • Chicken Kabab – ₹100
  • Liver Pepper Fry – ₹100
  • ₹Peppery Chicken – ₹100


Mallika Biryani Menu


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