7 Plates (HRBR Layout) Chicken Biryani & Garlic Naan Review

If only I knew the 7 Plates Restaurant at HRBR layout (near Kammanahalli, Bengaluru) was famous for their rolls, I would have ordered one. 

The Google reviews (by its customers) are full praise for the paneer and chicken rolls at the 7 Plate Restaurant. Also, I observed the mention of “Angara Chicken” in a couple of reviews. I now know what to order next from 7 Plates restaurant. 

Our Order at 7 Plates Restaurant

  • Chicken Biryani – Rs. 192/-
  • Butter Naan – Rs. 47/-
  • Garlic Naan – Rs. 50/-
  • Murgh Hyderabadi – Rs. 288/-
  • Murgh Afghani – Rs. 288/-

Murgh Afghani

Murgh Afghani from 7 Plates Restaurant

The “Murgh Afghani” was the best of all the items we ordered. The thick gravy with the soft boneless chicken chunks had a mild aroma and distinct taste. A taste I was not familiar with. It was a perfect combo with the naans we ordered.

The Butter Naan

Butter Naan

I am not a fan of butter naan when it is almost cold and becomes difficult to chew. The garlic naan was no different but I liked the occasional garlic smell or should I call it aroma that came out of the naan. With the Murgh Afghani, both the bread stood out. The other chicken gravy, “Murgh Hyderabadi” was good too and holds second place.

The clear winner was the Murgh Afghani and you should try that once at the 7 Plates restaurant. And don’t forget to order your favorite rolls and the Angara chicken. 

Average Chicken Biryani

7 Plates Chicken Biryani

After exploring several restaurants, I felt the chicken biryani at 7 plates was average. Maybe my taste buds have reached the saturation level. My last best chicken biryani was from “Biryani Paradise” that I ordered through Zomato. I became so crazy about that “special chicken biryani” at Biryani Paradise, I ordered at least 3 times later. 

The 7 Plates packs food well. The chicken biryani and the gravy came in a plastic container tightly wrapped with the cover. The butter and garlic naans were neatly folded into the foil paper that kept the food warm for a longer time. 

The restaurant seems to be doing badly when it comes to oriental foods. The customers are not happy with the noodles, fried rice, and other Chinese food. It’s all in the Google reviews. 

If you are craving some noodles or fried rice, there’s ample Chinese restaurant to order from. You will find them all in the Zomato App.

7 Plates Ambience

I have been to 7 Plates restaurant and the ambience is not bad. It’s a big restaurant perfect for casual dining with family and friends. 

One customer complaint that can be ignored is the late service when the restaurant is crowded and it is quite natural with most of the restaurants. There’s no dedicated parking but you may find one with little effort.

That’s all about the 7 Plates Restaurant at Kalyan Nagar. 

Looking for an alternative restaurant in the surroundings? Then follow the tag “Restaurants in Kammanahalli.” 

Bengaluru is still partially locked down. The State government has imposed Section 144 in the city. So come out only if it is absolutely necessary. Always wear a mask and keep sanitiser handy.

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